Thank you for looking at my website. Whether you are thinking of booking me for your wedding or family shoot, you will want to know a little about me!

I am a 40-something wife and mother to 2 boys and 1 labrador. I have loved taking photographs for many many years. I remember as a child, sending the film off and waiting eagerly for it to come back!  I decided to make the move from hobby to job when my youngest son started school.  It was the perfect time to test the water, see how things went ... and I'm still here, 9 years later!  I love taking photographs of people having fun, genuine smiles ... which is why I work outdoors, not in a studio.  I have a very strong dislike for white backgrounds - we live in such a beautiful part of the country, I like to incorporate that within your photographs.

After about 2 years of photographing children, I was asked to photograph a wedding ... not something I had set out to do, but recommendations from past clients saw me take the leap to weddings.  I only photograph a small number of weddings a year as I want each wedding to be special. I do not want to become a “mass production” wedding photographer.

Photographing children is my first love … I have a number of families who come to me year after year, they love to capture their small children as they grow.  Do you have a child that is shy, or puts on a fake smile every time a camera is near?? I take that as a personal challenge and love it when I get "that" photo, the one you love!

I am based at Newcastle Great Park however will travel to most areas within the North East.


Registered member of The Guild of Photographers. Full Public Liability Insurance held.


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