Award Winning Photography // The Guild of Photographers

I have been a member of the Guild of Photographers for a few years now but only late last year started entering their "image of the month" competition. 

Each image is judged independently by a panel of judges and given scores out of 100.  This is the scoring system used … 

59 or below .. Images that fail to meet the above levels. Feedback will be given.

60 – 69 .. Images that evidence competition potential at a professional level, where it is felt the photographer would benefit from feedback to assist with future submissions.

70 .. THE BAR – Images of an acceptable professional standard (Of Merit).

71 – 74 .. Images of a strong standard at a professional level (A Bronze Bar) - something to be proud of

75 – 79 .. Images that are very well crafted at a professional level (A Silver Bar) - difficult to achieve

80 – 84 .. Images of particular distinction at a professional level (A Gold Bar) - very rare

85 plus .. Images of exceptional or outstanding quality (A Platinum Bar) – only awarded to the ultimate of images

I am pleased to say that every entry I made has been awarded a Bronze award  .. "something to be proud of" .. which I am, immensely proud. 

It is always hard to decide which image to enter, photography is after all very subjective.  In December I decided to go with a bit of a wild card entry!  When the email came through on the 21st December with the results, I was totally gobsmacked, I had received 1 bronze, 1 silver and A GOLD!!!  my wild card paid off!

Here are my Bronze winners … 

My Silver Award winning image … 

and here it is … my GOLD Award winning image … 

Information about the Guild of Photographers can be found here -